OpenWalkAthens 4

OpenWalkAthens (OWA) is an open walk for the Athenian citizens with purpose to help people to get familiar with their city and their history. The basic theme of 4th OWA is small museums that are located in the city center  and usually we ignore them.

On Sunday November  2 from 11.00 – 16.00 museums will stay open with free entrance.

Here is the list of the museums that participating to this action

  1. Jewish Museum of Greece
  2. Children’s Art Museum
  3. Museum of Greek Folk Art
  4. Greek Children’s Museum
  5. Municipal Museum of Folk Culture – Angeliki Hatzimichali
  6. Lalaounis Jewelry Museum
  7. Atelier Spyros Vassiliou
  8. The Athens University Mueum
  9. Instruments Museum
  10. Tzistarakis Mosque Museum
  11. Gastronomy Museum
  12. Pottery Museum
  13. Exile Museum
  14. Makronissos Museum
  15. Hellenic Mills
  16. Herakleidon Art Museum
  17. Melina Mercuri Museum and Cultural Centre

For your navigation to the museum you can use this app  or use a map that is available to all museums.

A map with the museums so you can organize your tour

Organized by Atenistas