Unique alpine environment and rich cultural and historic heritage

Evrytania is one of the regional units of the country, part of Central Greece. The region has a unique alpine environment and rich cultural and historic heritage. According to UNESCO in 1991 the area has one of the cleanest ecosystems worldwide. The healthy climate, the forested slopes, the countless streams, the limited population and the overall spectacular countryside give a strong impression that the place is a heaven on Earth. The region is one of the most best-watered areas in Greece making it an attractive and an ideal destination for nature lovers and popular for outdoor activities such as hiking, rafting and mountain biking. The traditional architecture of the capital Karpenisi, at an altitude of 960 meters, as well as its perfect location and the existing developed tourist infrastructure makes Evrytania a place that will fascinate any visitor.

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Best Season:April, May, June, July, August, September, October
Popular Location: Karpenisi,Prousos