Bicycle & Tourism is a licensed travel agency and it provides
a full range of travel services

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Travel & Tourism is a licensed travel agency and we provide a full range of travel services. We design and create unique top quality innovative bike tours from small to large groups and tailor made private services. The limitless passion for cycling as well as our expertise in every field guarantees unforgettable moments of true hospitality in the Land of Gods.

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Sustainable Travel

Since the very beginning, has operated under the belief that travel is an exchange, not a commodity. We love nature, we protect the environment and we support local communities. When you travel with us, you’re giving back more than what you take away.

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Mission & Vision

Our mission is to create unique and responsible travel experiences providing high quality services beyond expectations. Our vision is to strengthen our position as the leading bike tour company in the country and to make Greece one of the most popular destinations for cycling tourism in the world.

``Express your passion for cycling feel the freedom of exploring combine both on``

About Us is the leading bike tour company in Greece

Guided cycling tours established in 2012 providing guided trekking and Mountain Biking tours all over Greece. Our professional team offers top quality innovative bike tours from small to large groups and tailor made private services. We will bring your adventure holiday to life and we will share our passion and knowledge for Greece in ways beyond expected.
Our aim is to develop and to create unique, fun loving, challenging bike tours and to discover together the beauties, the culture and the heritage of the land of Gods.
The team’s limitless passion for cycling as well as their expertise in every field, guarantee unforgettable moments of true hospitality. We are committed to high quality services and we are willing to hear every need of our guests. Being a flexible, responsible and sustainable bike tour operator our philosophy is: “to treat our guests as friends and to offer them a lifetime experience as well as a lifelong friendship”. Through our rides we always seek the opportunity to develop personal connections and relationships with our guests and we are determined to make them feel part of our bike riding family wanting to come back again and again. is the leading bike tour company in Greece and we are happy to confirm that at any bike tour you choose

Variety of Services provides a full range of travel services including of course the creation of organized cycling tours all over Greece. Apart from cycling tours, which are especially designed to meet the highest standards of customer service and quality, we are capable since we are a fully licensed Travel Agency to arrange for our customers all kind of travel requests. Air tickets, ferry tickets, all kind of transfers, hotel bookings and car rentals are only a small sample of the services provided by our team.
Our cycling tours are carefully designed and selected to be easily combined with other forms of alternative tourism for an unforgettable overall travel experience in Greece. Visits to wineries, museums, archaeological sites and a lot of other points of interest are all included in the range of tours available by
Greece is an awesome country all year round. We want to share its beauties with you but most of all we want to share our passion for cycling and exploring, for a trip that you will remember for a lifetime

Road Bike

The country offers extensive, alternative low traffic roads covering every part of it. The mountains and hills form 80 percent of the country, making it an excellent destination for moderate…

Trekking bike

Greece, besides the obvious magnificent natural beauty and its history, offers an extensive low-traffic alternative tarmac route network with good shoulders in almost every part of the country. City centers…

Youth travel

The alternative way for students to extend their cultural and environmental awareness. Visits to museums, archeological sites and National Parks. Especially safe designed routes for children guided from experienced leaders…

Private Tours

We love our customers to have choices. Create your private tour for your friends, your family or your colleagues including anything you want and nothing you don’t. You choose who…

Team Building

We understand the importance of team building in any corporation. Team-building activities can help develop trust among your employees. Trust is a critical component to business, especially when teamwork is…

Mountain Biking

Greece is a mountain biking paradise offering remarkable landscape, high mountains and limitless competitive trails suitable for any level in many geographical areas of the country. Our tours include trails…

The right choice

Quality services and travel experience in combination with a unique destination like Greece is sure success

Why Us? is the leading bike tour company in Greece. We provide high quality services and we create travel experiences that you will remember for a lifetime. We love what we do and we want to share our passion for cycling, exploring and being adventurous, with you.

Why Greece?

Greece is the ideal cycling destination. It offers a combination of elements that makes travelers want to come back again and again. Sunshine most of the days during the year, unique landscape, easy or challenging routes but nevertheless beautiful and top quality hospitality services. Greece offers everything all year round.



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