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Educational Guided Tours

An alternative way for students to visit museums and archeological sites.Bike tour to historical city center of Athens, especially safe designed routes for children, guided from experienced leaders and guides. Safety accessories like helmets, reflective tapes and supporting vehicle including.

Corporate tours

We understand the importance of team building in any corporation.Team-building activities can help develop trust among your employees. Trust is a critical component to business, especially when teamwork is required on a daily basis to achieve objectives and grow companies.

Private Tours

We love our customers to have choices! Create your private tour for your friends, your family or your colleagues including anything you want and nothing you don’t. You choose who you want with you, what to include, where to go and when you want it. This is your holidays.

Challenging MTB tour at Zagori

A unique experience into the wild

Discover Greece by bike with our guided cycling tours

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Bike: The Best Way to See Athens
The tour around Athens by bike was fantastic. I had a great time not only visiting the famous sites but also interacting with our guides and other bloggers. I can tell you this: biking IS the best way to visit the city and with guys from TravelnCycle you can be sure to be well taken care of! Highly recommended!
Die Tour hat mir wirklich wahnsinnig gut gefallen. Angefangen vom guten Equipment über das tolle Team bis hin zu den Insiderinformationen war alles rundum perfekt. Mit dem Rad kommt man einfach viel schneller voran als zu Fuß und gelangt auch an Orte, die der Sightseeingbus nicht erreicht. Falls ihr also selbst einmal nach Athen kommt und Lust habt, die Stadt individuell zu erkunden, kann ich euch Travelncycle wärmstens empfehlen.
Have you ever taken bike ride around a city ? Thanks to I was able to take an extensive bike tour of Athens. The best part about riding a bike around town is you get to see so many different neighborhoods that you would never even know about.
Wer sich Lazarus von auf einer geführten Radtour anschließt, kann sich in drei Stunden einen tollen überblick verschaffen